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How Our Installment Loans Work Installment Loans are different from the typical payday loans you might be familiar with using. You still enjoy instant online approval with no credit check, and once approved you still have the cash deposited directly into your bank account. However, more flexible payment options make it easier to repay what you’ve borrowed versus traditional payday loans.

Step 1: Apply Online in Seconds

The online application lets you apply for your loan as soon as you discover you need cash now.

  • We do not perform a credit check with any of the three main credit bureaus, although we will verify your information through national databases, but not limited to, Clarity, DataX, Factor Trust, and Microbilt.
  • We use a secure encryption to process your application, so you have peace of mind that your application is safe and confidential.
  • We do not require you to fax any documents or meet with a lending agent to receive your approval.

Step 2: Receive Instant Pre-Approval

Once you complete and submit your online application, you will receive e-mail notification of instant pre-approval if everything checks out. You’ll know in seconds if you are approved for your loan and how much money you can receive.

  • First-time borrowers can receive up to $1500
  • Returning borrowers can receive up to $5,000
  • The minimum loan is $1,000

Step 3: Get the Cash You Need

The money is deposited into the bank account you designate. Our installment loans offer more flexible repayment options versus traditional 2-week payday loans.

  • You pay the loan back making installment payments, as you would on a traditional fixed-payment loan, such as your mortgage or auto loan.
  • Since you pay over time, you reduce the burden repayment usually places on your finances.
  • You have the ability to pay the loan back at ANY TIME without a penalty.

For more information about how these loans are paid back, please visit our Fast Cash Instant Approval Loans Rates & Terms page. If you still have questions, please visit our No Credit or Bad Credit* Loans FAQ or call us at 800-851-7363 to speak with a representative..